I make images as a primal and deep reaction to many years of drifting and floating around the world in airports, hotels and streets without having really been there. 

My images and photographic language express the belonging of presence, and are taken mostly candidly in public places and streets all over the world. The images are distinctively subjective and personal, both in content and form, depicting often ethereal and surreal moments, usually wrapped in an intense and bold primary colour of the light. 

Technically self-taught, I have worked with master photographers in workshops all around the world, as well as in the XXX Edition of the documentary and photojournalism Eddie Adams Workshop in upstate New York, USA. Recent exhibitions include Ibicenco on May 2017 in the Centro Cultural de Jesús, Ibiza, Spain. The ongoing "Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere" project will be exhibited from June 28th, 2018, at the Leica Gallery in Milan, Italy.

Do not hesitate to reach out, and looking forward to sharing the street soon ... with anyone, anytime, anywhere!


(photo credit Gueorgui Pinkhassov)

Victor M. Perez Photography

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